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Hina Matsuri うれしいひな祭り


Happy Doll's Festival
Words by Satou Hachiro
Song by Kawamura Kouyou

あかりをつけましょ ぼんぼりに
akari o tsukemasho bonbori ni
Let's light the paper covered lamps

お花をあげましょ 桃の花
o hana o agemasho momo no hana
Let's give flowers, peach flowers (to doll)

五人ばやしの 笛太鼓
gonin bayashi no fuetaiko
Five (doll) musicians with flute and taiko

今日はたのしい ひな祭り
kyou wa tanoshii hinamatsuri
Today is the enjoyable Hina Matsuri


お内裏様と おひな様
odairisama to ohinasama
The Emperor and Hina dolls

二人ならんで すまし顔
futari narande sumashi gao
The two lined up with straight faces

お嫁にいらした 姉様に
oyome ni irashita neesama ni
My sister-in-law who, coming as a bride,

よく似た官女の 白い顔
yoku nita kanjo no shiroi kao
Looked similar to the (doll) court lady's white face


金のびょうぶに うつる灯を
kin no byoubu ni utsuru hi o
On the golden folding screen, the light

かすかにゆする 春の風
kasuka ni yusuru haru no kaze
Gently flickers in the Spring breeze

すこし白酒 めされたか
sukoshi shirozake mesaretaka
Did you have a little white sake?

あかいお顔の 右大臣
akai o kao no udaijin
The Minister of the Right doll with the red face


着物をきかえて 帯しめて
kimono o kikaete obi shimete
Changing clothes; tying the obi

今日はわたしも はれ姿
kyou wa watashi mo hare sugata
Today I also will dress in my finest

春のやよいの このよき日
haru no yayoi no kono yoki hi
For this special Spring day

なによりうれしい ひな祭り
nani yori ureshii hinamatsuri
More than anything--Hina Matsuri


あかり akari
- light; lamp
o - (direct object marker)
つけましょ tsukemasho - let's light
ぼんぼり bonbori - paper covered lantern box
ni - to (light the lamp in the bonbori)

お花 o hana - flowers (honorific お)
あげましょ agemasho - let's give
桃の花 momo no hana - peach flowers

五人 gonin - five people
ばやし bayashi - musical accompaniment (はやし)
五人ばやし gonin bayashi - dolls representing five musicians for the Hina Matsuri
fue - a flute; a pipe
太鼓 taiko - taiko drums

今日 kyou - today
たのしい tanoshii - happy; fun
ひな祭り hina matsuri - Hina Matsuri; Doll festival; Girl's festival; Peach festival (Festival held on March 3rd at which families with girls display the hina dolls eat special sweetmeats, and drink shirozake)

お内裏様 o dairi sama
- doll representing the emperor (with the hina doll, they represent the emperor and empress in ancient costume)
to - and
おひな様 ohina sama - doll for festival in ornamental dress

二人 futari - the two (dolls)
ならんで narande - set in a line; side by side
すまし顔 sumashi gao - a serious face

お嫁 oyome - bride
お嫁にいらした oyome ni irashita - came as a bride
姉様 neesama - older sister (polite)
(She came (いらした) so she must be a brother's wife hence 'sister-in-law')

よく似た yoku nita - looked very similar to...
官女 kan jo - court lady; lady in waiting; a maid of honor
白い顔 shiroi kao - white (powdered for wedding) face

- gold (金の golden...)
びょうぶ byoubu - byoubu; a folding screen
うつる灯 utsuru hi - reflected light; (This kanji 灯 is often used poetically; for example: 希望の灯 kibou no hi A ray of hope)
o - direct object marker

かすかに kasuka ni - faintly
ゆする yusuru - to rock; shake
春の風 haru no kaze - Spring breeze (causes the light to faintly flicker)

すこし sukoshi - a little bit
白酒 shirozake - white sake; (made from sake and rice malt)
めされたか mesareta ka - were you given to drink (sake); (said to the doll)

あかいお顔 akai okao - red faced
右大臣 udaijin - Minister of the Right (in old Japan)

着物 kimono
- kimono; clothing
きかえて kikaete - change clothes (着替えて)
obi - an obi; a broad sash worn with a kimono
しめて shimete - close; tie (obi)

今日は kyou wa - As for today
わたしも watashi mo - I also
はれ姿 hare sugata - dress up; in finest clothes

haru - Spring
やよい yayoi - third month of the lunar calendar; spring
このよき日 kono yoki hi - this auspicious day

なにより nani yori - more than anything
うれしい ureshii - happy

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Agent Bond's picture

Translation of Happy Doll's Festival for singing

Hello, I am a newcomer to TJP, a Japanese. Recently I found this tanslation of "Ureshii Hinamatsuri, Happy Doll's Festival"(released on 10.01, 2008) and was very impressed at the perfectness in wording and also to know how many people from abroad love this song of ours. Immediately, I sang it myself. It is good! While singing, however, found it a little bit hard to keep the orignal rhythm of the Japanese song (constisting of 7 or 8 syllables + 5 syllables per line). I thought I could try translating it myself, making it easier to sing. How about this?:

1.Let's light the pretty paper-shade lanterns.
Let's wreathe the dolls' stands with peach flowers and urns.
Enjoy the drums and flute the quintet dolls play.
How merry today we have the Doll's Festival Day!

2.See the missish faces of the emperor and queen
Seated on the colored dais in gold, red and green.
See that court lady's face, snow-white like a fay.
She reminds me of my sister on her wedding day.

3.Dimly reflected on the gilded folding screen,
Light swaying in vernal breezes is seen.
See the bearded reddish face of that minister.
Did he take a sip of sake from the altar?

4.Wearing a choice kimono and obi,
Let's join the dolls' gala, dolled up formally.
Warm March sunlight bless this good day!
How happy today we have the Doll's Festival Day!

PC. "およめにいらしたねえさま" as the Japanese language can either mean "a sister-in-law, coming as a bride", or "my sister who was married and left home". Hachiro Sato meant the latter in his song according to his biography.

Agent Bond

Layelle's picture


This is my favorite song, it mesmerizes me. I can't stop listening to it.

"We all can be only who we are, no more, no less."

RayMasaki's picture

great song

Great song i like it it would be better with Music

shiro zake white sake
if im Not mistaken sake was pronounced Zake?
some s words were once pronounced with Z?
years ago. let me know if im Right im not sure.

clay's picture

Some sounds change when

Some sounds change when combined with other words like sake > shiro zake.

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Hina Matsuri

The singer's voice is very sweet. I'm thrilled and nearly being mesmerised by her voice !
The song is beautiful !

This has been stuck in my head...

I had this song stuck in my head nonstop two weeks ago because they were playing it at Daiei...and now it's stuck in my head again from here...

clay's picture

Glad we could help. :)

Glad we could help. :)

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Hehe, beautiful song, it's my favourite to sing along to. :D

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