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Kanji: 一 ichi one Untitled Document

And so begins your kanji journey and it couldn’t get any easier! (...and believe me it won’t!)

Body Idioms Part I
Body Idioms

鼻が高い to be proud
顔が広い to know many people

Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 12
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motto yukkuri hanashite kudasai.
Please speak slower.

mou ikkai hanashite kudasai.
[one more time-say-please]
Please say that again.

Japanese Idiom 朝飯前 child's play; cinch; no sweat; piece of cake

Japanese Idiom with Video:

朝飯前 - child's play; cinch; no sweat; piece of cake

Click Here to watch

Japanese Dialogues: At the Restaurant

Japanese Dialogues: At the Restaurant. Click Here.

Japanese Dialogues: Meeting and Greetings

Japanese Dialogues: Meetings and Greetings. Click Here.

Japanese Dialogues: Directions to the Library directions


How do I get to the library from here? More...

本物 or 偽者? 本物 honmono (the real thing) and 偽物 nisemono (a fake) are opposites. But there is a third word: 偽者 nisemono - an imposter. Click here for More...
Gitaigo & Giongo Sound words for expressing tiredness. More...
Feelings and Emotions Feelings and Emotions with audio.
Love Words in Japanese Love words in Japanese--Common ways of expressing one's love and other fun stuff. More...
Can You Really Learn Japanese Online?

Occasionally, you may hear of books, websites, or snake oil salesman claiming you can learn Japanese online painlessly and in a short time. But is it true? Can you really learn Japanese online?

The answer is, yes and no.

Can Anybody Learn To Speak Japanese?

You don’t have to be born in Japan to learn how to speak Japanese. The truth is anybody can learn to speak this intricate, beautiful language. You may never rid yourself totally of your accent, but anyone who puts in the time and effort can become fluent.

iPhone Application: Common Japanese Proverbs

Common Japanese Proverbs iPhone app

25 proverb lessons and extensive notes.

iPhone Application: JLPT N5 Vocabulary

JLPT N5 Vocabulary iPhone app

Over 1400 sound files, many with notes, quizzes, and flashcards. More...

Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 10
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アメリカamerika America
アメリカ人 amerikajinan American
英語 eigo - English
NOW with Video!
iPhone Application: 101 Japanese Idioms

Our second iPhone application RELEASED!: 101 Common Japanese Idioms

Over 300 sound files, extensive notes.

iPhone/iPad Application: Japanese Phrases

Our first iPhone application: a Beginning Japanese Talking Word & Phrase e-book

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Hiragana Lessons
Learn Hiragana for free at TheJapanesePage.com Hiragana Lessons: Newly Updated (and better quality) Sounds added with MP3 player; many broken links patched-- Hiragana Lessons 2.0!
Hand Idioms Part II

Japanese is a language full of fun idioms. Let's explore a few Body Part Idioms using the Hand.

These two idioms are perhaps the most useful 'hand' idioms in Japanese.

手がいっぱい to have one's hands full; be up to here (with something); busy
手に入れる to obtain; get; come by...

Body Idioms Part V

Body Idioms

手の内を明かす Opening up your heart (but with your hands)
胸をなでおろす Stroking one's chest in relief

Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 11
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nihongo ga sukoshi hanasemasu.
I can speak a little Japanese.
Katakana Lessons
Katakana Lessons: Learn Katakana quickly in twelve easy lessons with sound and quizzes. Master katakana for free here in two-three weeks by studying a little bit every day. Now with a FREE flashcard and writing pad PDF
Body Idioms Part IV
Body Idioms

耳にたこができる the 'umpteenth' time
足が棒になる My dogs are barkin'

愛の告白 Confession of Love
愛の告白 Confession of Love
ウサギと亀 The Tortoise and the Hare
Tortoise and the Hare at TheJapanesePage.com The Tortoise and the Hare in Japanese
With sound - Beginner +
Body Idioms Part III
Body Idioms

足を引っ張る Drag someone down
小耳に挟む Eavesdrop

Body Idioms Part II
Body Idioms

~を尻に敷く be henpecked
腕が鳴る to show one's skills With Video!

Using nara なら Using なら with example sentences
Country Names, Languages, and People Country Names, Languages, and People in Japanese. Flash file with sound.

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