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Title Teaser
真実 the Truth

宇宙人 alien, space man

alien, space man
お世辞 flattery, kissing up

flattery, kissing up
Volume 5: The Great いらず Collection Today we will look at a few set or idiomatic phrases using いらず don't need.
Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 5
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I like pizza. ピザが好きです。 piza ga suki desu.
I like hamburgers. ハンバーガーが好きです。 hanba-ga- ga suki desu.
I like spaghetti. スパゲッティーが好きです。 supagetti- ga suki desu.
Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 4
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ピザが食べたいです。 piza ga tabetai desu. I want to eat pizza.
スパゲッティー が食べたいです。 supagetti- ga tabetai desu. I want to eat spaghetti.
ハンバーガーが食べたいです。 hanba-ga- ga tabetai desu. I want to eat a hamburger.
Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 3
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何か飲みたいですか? nanika nomitai desu ka? Would you like something to drink?
はい、何か飲みたいです。 hai, nanika nomitai desu. Yes, I would you like something to drink.
Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 2
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何か飲みたいです。 I want something to drink. nanika nomitai desu.
何か飲みたいですか? Would you like something to drink nanika nomitai desu ka?
Love in Japanese Some important vocabulary words related to love
Useful Around the House Words Vocabulary lesson with useful around the house words. With sound and flash
Vocabulary at the Post Office A few common vocabulary words at the post office with sound
Word Studies

Japanese Word Studies

Jagariko Lesson: Can't eat enough as a Giraffe Learn Japanese through Snacking--Clay's favorite Japanese snack, Jagariko
New Years Day Words A few important words and customs for the Japanese New Year
カタカナ語 Interesting Pronunciations A look at a few unusual (to the beginner) pronunciations of katakana-ized English.
A Blizzard of Snow Words Learn several useful vocabulary words relating to snow
Kansai Ben A little about the Kansai dialect
Japanese Dialects

Japanese Dialects

The Various Degrees of Politeness A short example of the various levels of politeness
The Yubikiri Song
Frog Song
Elephant's Song
Momotaro - Peach Boy 桃太郎
Japanese Traditional Songs Japanese traditional songs
Japan has many, many traditional songs. I would like to have a look at many different traditional songs, but for now let's look at a few children's songs.
Easy to Flub up Words Easily mistaken words both for the native English speaker and native Japanese speaker.
Famous Lines in Japanese

Three famous (somewhat) phrases translated into Japanese and explained.

Using 的
For Upper Beginners: 1 Minute Japanese lesson on using 的 to make nouns into adjectives.
Oishii Delicious
One minute lesson on how to say something is delicious in Japanese
Animal Names Vocabulary List
For beginners: Learn a few common animal names in Japanese.
Atsui! Hot, Hot, Thick
1 Minute Japanese: Sometimes different kanji are used for the same pronunciation to show a shade of meaning. Today we will look at the four kanji for あつい atsui and try to clear up some confusion.

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