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Hiragana Page 59 Small Tsu

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This part is a little different... Take it slow and you should be able to catch on


One more thing... You have learned tsu - But sometimes it appears smaller than other letters. This causes a slight pause or break between syllables.

Example: chotto (which means 'a little') pronounced "cho - to" with a slight break between syllables. In romaji it is usually written by repeating the next consonant as with 'choTTo.'

Example: zasshi (magazine) pronounced "za - shi"

Homework : Try to find some other examples on the internet of the small tsu

Review this page until you feel comfortable with it


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Is this right?

This is just the title of the page wanna know if I got it right. nahongowoi-shonipenkyoushimakyou

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Almost :)

Very good. You accidentally wrote "na" instead of "ni" at the beginning (which you translated correctly later on), and the "pe" in "penkyou" is actually a "be" (but at that font size you can certainly be forgiven for the mistake!). The ending is "shimashou" rather than "shimakyou"; also, "i-shoni" would be equivalent to "iishoni" (doubled i), but what we actually have is a doubled consonant after the i (that's what the small tsu does), so it's "isshoni".

With spaces, the corrected transliteration would be: "nihongo wo issho ni benkyou shimashou!"

Hope that helps!

aaawwww..... now i see =)

Now I finally understand when typing it so first type "cho" to get ちょ then type "tto" to get っと= ちょっと. Cool! This website is the best for step by step tutorial. I even have my notebook with pens and pencils and writing everything that i need to know to study. thank you, TheJapanesePage.com.

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okay....so in chotto the tsu is cut off and just sounds like cho-to? wow im confusing myself! wait let me rephrase that question. what im trying to ask is if the tsu sound in chotto is cut off and you only say to?

I think of it as tsu

But the baby tsu can't talk yet.


Don't think of tsu, only double tt. This is the last lesson in hiragana and is only used in cases of double k p s and t as a way of writing.


REALLY EASY! i'm so surprised how Japanese can be easy!

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A question

in the case where there is two small letters next to each other such as with Chotto do they effect each other at all?

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As far as I know, No. The

As far as I know, No. The first just makes Chi into Cho by combining it with the small Yo. The second, the small Tsu, basically makes the To into Tto. But the small Yo and Tsu kana don't effect each other at all.

(At least that's the way I think about it. Some people consider the small tsu to cut off the previous sound abruptly rather than "double the letter after it", so it can depend on your thinking I guess. But suffice it to say that there's nothing special about having the two small kana in a row like that as far as I know.)

Hopefully that's a good enough answer for now. :)


is it only wit double

is it only wit double consonants??


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That is just how it is

That is just how it is usually romanized.

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i was just woundering if 'tsu' was the only letter that could be small like that ?


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Like this, yes, but there are

Like this, yes, but there are also small よゆや's as in ちょっと

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