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Hiragana Chapter 1

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This is such a nice website


Yes it is, i hope to go to Tokyo,Japan soon so i really cant wait :)

Flash cards

Although I know that everyone learns differently, I found that flash cards work the best.


I need Help with learning kana (Hiragana) If I got THAT right hahaha....

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moshi moshi

- i hope i could learn more in this site about Nihongo language..


Hehehehe sorry to rain on your parade, bu um, well, to say hello its actually Mushi Mush or Kannichiwa :D

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もしもし moshi moshi--hello (when

もしもし moshi moshi--hello (when on the phone)
こんにちは。 konnichi wa--good afternoon; hello (used during the daytime)

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First practice

This has made learning Japanese a lot easier for me. It's also a lot more fun learning this way compared to other sites I have tried in the past. Really glad I got recommended this site.

Golly gee!

I feel like a kid in preschool. ^o^ It's always fun to learn another language. Great website!

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yeah it's amazing this

yeah it's amazing this language :D ..let's learn japanese :D


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Iphone Alternative

If you have an Iphone then IKana Touch is really useful for practicing the kana and the stroke order.

I love nihongo!

This is such a nice website.........I kept searching for books to learn Japanese ,but I'm lucky I didn't find one......because books can't b as interactive as this site where ppl keep asking doubts and then other ppl keep clearing them......all in all A VERY NICE EXPERIECE to learn this beautiful language.... :)

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

Easy.. So far

Well. I started learning hiragana few days ago. I don't have the time to study japanese every day, but I just finished the first chapter.. This is really funny and interesting. Will we be thaugt grammar here too, or do we have to learn that elsewhere?

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I just put a few time into studying the first five characters of Hiragana. I gotta say, I'm learning pretty fast.

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Real Kana

The flashcards on Real Kana are great to start learning and they have different fonts too!

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cant wait to get stuck in, lol

Ratty regards, <:3)~~

First Lesson

:)) This is alot of fun!! It's like I'm back in pre schools... There is alot to be learned...


I know what you mean! I tried reading a text in hiragana and it took me right back to pre school! I feel like a baby learning how to read and talk for the very first time! There is a lot a lot a lot to learn!!!

Hai!!! :)

Hai.... :)

Arigato! :)

by the way arigato and okini? do they mean the same?


Hai,Shikashi, mo shi Ki ga tsuyoi ITS wa arigatōgozaimashita tsuyoi,To IF O Deari, sore wa shudan Watashi no okiniiri.
( Yes,But if the KI is strong then its Thank you, and if the o is strong, it means, My favorite

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Yes, but ookini is mainly

Yes, but ookini is mainly heard in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto)

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Hehe--keep at it Brad!

Hehe--keep at it Brad!

TheJapanShop.com- Japanese language learning materials
Checkout our iPhone apps: TheJapanesePage.com/iPhone

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It's kind of difficult since it's has a no の in it  Well kindda look like it

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Most of this stuff is easy if you practice. I would use flash cards to help.

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fue facil

fue facil espero lo demas sea igual xD

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