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Hiragana Chapter 3

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Question about writing in Hiragana

I have a quick question. I understand the basics of using hiragana to write out words, however I'm not really sure how to write words ending in the "n" sound, for instance how do you write, "ninjin" or "meron" in hiragana? I start ににじ for ninjin and めろ but then I don't know how to write out the n sound.

Writing "n"

The japanese "n" is written as "ん" Using japanese ime, this is usually made by typing n twice in a row.

so helpful

its been a great resource thus far.

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Do these characters all come together to form one word? Like would a vowel, consonant, and a vowel to come together to make a word? I know Kanji do it all in one but i'm not sure about Hiragana.

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I'm not quite sure what

I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

The kana can be used to "spell out" words in a sense. Like つなみ (tsu-na-mi), where it might normally be written with kanji like 津波


That describes what the kana are and how they are used. If you have a more specific question after reading that, let us know. :)


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Thank You!

Arigato! This cleared things up thank you!

I love Vocaloids <3

Getting good I have really

Getting good I have really mean cousins so when I go to their house every sunday I speak japanese and it makes them sooooooooooooo mad

It is so Great

Now I am learning Japanese, I think i also should get a Japanese GF to have more practical(Not for learning only, but they are really cute).

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Chapter 1-2

I loved it, I took Japanese 1 in school 2 semesters ago and want to use this site as a refresher course so it's perfect!!!!

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More letters = more words :)

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its fun

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