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Hiragana Page 20 ち chi

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I know my memory associations are getting worse... UGH!


ROMAJI - chi
- [as in CHEAp]

MEMORY: It looks like a CHEAp version of the number 5

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'the number one'

- This means 'the number seven'

- This means 'mouth'

- This means 'father'

If you think of good associations for the hiragana, leave a comment on this page for the next fellow!

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This site is AMAZING!


Chi sounds more like "chti" to me. Especially in "Chichi" (chtichi).

Easy Rememberance

it looks like a backwards sa :) Sa: さ Chi: ち get it?


I must applaud the creator of this particular exercise- nice imagination coming up with this phrase to remember it

Illuminating the world one unknown at a time

I'm Confused

I always thought seven is 'nana' or something like that but why is it shichi (correct me if I'm wrong) in here?

Please help me

Re: reading for 7

The numbers have multiple forms, Japanese origin and Chinese origin.

三日 for example, the third is pronounced みっか mikka no "san" to be found!

You just have to remember when you use each form, and sometimes with 4 and 7 it's interchangeable ( 4 is し and よん though し is used slightly less since it sounds like the word for death )

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Dustin.. perhaps I'm getting

Dustin.. perhaps I'm getting old, but I think you got the ki where the mi should be and the ma where the ka should be... that looks like kimma not mikka

Re: Dustin

Fixed..... perhaps I was overtired when writing it ( just came off of watching 14 x 42 minute episodes of the event until 10 am....) :p

Thanks for pointing out my typo to avoid confusion :p

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it's all good. I had

it's all good. I had initially thought I was seeing things..

ち ち i can not pronunce

i can not pronounce the word ち ち =chi chi

people like fruits;everyone has a different taste but we love them all.


for me it's a bit confusing that sa has 3 strokes and chi only 2.
when I see that 'curve' I'm not sure, if it goes together with the stroke above or is one itself.
hope somebody understand what I'm trying to say.

for さ the official writing it

for さ the official writing it to separate the top line from the bottom curve, mine NEVER connect when I write though some fonts and shorthand will connect them.

ち is always one piece, never broken up.


I keep mixing up chi with sa because their the same symbol but only backwards >.>

さ and ち / d and b

It's not much different from d and b in English keep practicing and you'll be able to tell them apart every time.


Its Hard For Me To Remember The Words in English

Sa, and chi

I remember them because thay assemble eachother. sa is sat, like a man sitting on the handicap toilet, and chi is ...well it looks like a five, so I know which way to point the chair.

Re: Sa, and chi

I never had this issue, in fact I had to pause and think for a moment how somebody would make this mistake!

I always referred to sa as on stroke short of ki anyways rather than a backwards chi.

Interesting to hear!

man sneezing

To me it looks like a man sneezing: the horizontal line: his eyes, the vertical line: his nose and the incomplete 'circle': his mouth. The sound of a sneeze: aaa-chi. Easy to remember that way...

Thats good!

lol it took me a second but I see it!

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It looks like Sa

It looks a lot like Sa, I have trouble remembering this one cause of that.... :(

Michael Klein

It looks like a fat man who's

It looks like a fat man who's been CHEAting on his diet.

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