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Hiragana Page 31 は ha

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Hiragana HA


- [as in HA!]

MEMORY: It has two parts to make memorizing it HArd

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'yes'

- This means 'bridge' or 'chopsticks'

- This means 'tooth'

When used as a particle it is pronounced as wa - but don't worry about it now :)

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Easy Rememberance

it looks like an underlined +6 on its side :)

it looks like ke with an

it looks like ke with an inward curve :)

looks like someone fighting

looks like someone fighting and saying ha

people like fruits;everyone has a different taste but we love them all.


Inspired by other learners' posts, i wonder if a good study aid for this hiragana be: a capitalized H (you need to stare a little hard, but no need to stare too hard), the upper part is somewhat shorter than the lower part of this letter H. Then, a lower case a at the lower right bottom. What do you think?


Thats the same thing i'm using to memories this one ^_^ It looks like the letter H with a little tail at the bottom C:

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Thanks, that helped me memorize "ha" :)

ha and wa?

I had a question but never mind.

is this right?

this is chopsticks - このわはしです。

Is this correct?!

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The particle "wa" is written

The particle "wa" is written は, and kono is used a little differently. Kore is what you'd use for that.

So これははしです would be a better way to say it.



HA! I'm running away!!! :P

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sort of looks like someone holding a HA-key stick.


Looks like a person punching the wall going HA! in some sort of Samurai move...

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