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Hiragana Page 32 ひ hi

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It almost looks like a smiley face without eyes

HOW TO WRITE IT (from top- left to right)

- [as in HE]

MEMORY: It looks like HE has both hands raised

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'day'

- This means 'person'

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Not really, but pronounced as something like this

HI = HIE... 

ScribeOrigins, MKD 「先生のことが」


I hate to be the one to say it, but for me to remember, it looks like a man's um... hanging bits.

Hito sounds like a snake.

When I listened to the audio file it sounds like the person is saying shito having the s sound and leaving the hi sound out. It sounds Like shi and to like a snake sound. Sh-i-to. Hope this sounds about right. Like saying the Sh sound first softly like a snake sound and saying i-to.

ひ is not 'shi'.

I know it sounds like that at first, but... well, first of all, you never have to make that sound. If you make the sound like the first clip, you can always use that 'ひ' for anything.

If you really want to make the hissing-ひ, say the English word 'he' over and over, and each time make your jaw a little more closed or your tongue a little closer to the roof of your mouth until it starts to have a nice hiss to it. You'll then realize it's not at all the same as the 'sh' sound of し nor the 'sh' of English.

You get slightly different effects by closing the tongue in or closing the jaw in or both during pronunciation. You can pick some person you know or actor your like and try to model your 'ひ' on that person.

If you use the hissing-ひ pay attention to natives that use it and notice which words it can be used in, and which words it -can't- be used in. You don't have to explicitly memorize them or anything, just pay attention to the fact that there are right and wrong places for it.

Makes me think of..

When it said someone had their hands raised, I looked a it and thought it actually looks more like a shrug. HE is shrugging. HI


a smile ..hihihiHI

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

Nice one xD Ima remember that

Nice one xD Ima remember that

how this word is pronounced

how this word is pronounced(person)

people like fruits;everyone has a different taste but we love them all.


Remember, this is demonstrating the ひ 'Hi' syllable. It should sound less like 'Hito' and more like "Hto." The "i" is whispered or even left out.


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Re: how this word is pronounced

Listen to the audio.

Don't complain to me that people kick you when you're down. It's your own fault for lying there

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i like to think of this one as

**he** likes horseshoes. makes me add more on to it than just the regular u shape.

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This is the most frustrating one because of the similarity to the 'u' in the Roman alphabet. The further you go down my line of hi's, the more and more they look like u's! >:(

Looks like

Looks like somebody smiling, saying hi to you! :)

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But remember, it's pronounced

But remember, it's pronounced like "he", like in "He went to the store". Not like the "hi" in "Hi, how are you?" :)


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