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Hiragana Page 07 か ka

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Now we have the first consonant [K sound + A sound = KA]

[Follow the red strokes from left to right]

- [as in CAr]

MEMORY: I remembered it because it looks like a 'K' - well sort of...

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means "face"
- This means "squid"

- This means "to buy"
- This means "red"

Hiragana and Katakana use the same sound system. So once you learn the way Hiragana works, Katakana isn't too difficult!

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:DDD ahh

I get so excited when I read the Examples in my head; then check the audio to see if my pronunciation is correct ^~^

This website makes learning Japanese simple and easy to understand C: Thank you.

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i need to know something

after we learned all these symbols that spell the words with english(but there like a-ka-i and not r-e-d) letters then will we learn how to know what things mean or ...what

awesome i love this place

Can u please make it were u can print off flash cards

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Alright I speak english and a little spanish , though I found it to be a little harder. I've been trying to learn Japanese for the last couple years but never found a very good site for it. This is by far the best site I've ever been to! Thanx abunch TJP!

it finally clicked

im really proud of myself and get this im only 13 and i have only been learning japanese for 8 days and it has finally clicked i was trying to read the characters for akai (red) and trying to sound them out and i came up with a-ka-i then i listened to the sound track and omggg i was right i litterealy screamed with joy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH omg im so happy

Dude me too

As soon as i started reading the examples it all became clear

Multilingual FTW!

When learning a new language, it's quite handy to be multilingual before you start learning Japanese.
I speak my mother thounge .. Ofcourse, then I speak fluently Danish( and thus understand Norwegian and swedish ), and somewhat good English. It's handy because forexample the the letter お which in Romaji is o is pronounced almost as the Danish letter å. Thus easy to pronounce.

This may be out of topic.. But.. Damn Romaji can become a curse. I almost got trapped by it because my Japanese keyboard layout was in Romaji, but it's fixed now. ( after several hours infront of the computer..... )

"Those who are allowed to shoot are those who are prepared to be shot."
- Lelouche Vi Britannia


I don't know why... but somehow this teached me 10 hiragana in... 10 minutes!!! I never thought it was that easy!

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I was really excited when I

I was really excited when I started learning the kana, and started to be able to read actual Japanese writing. :D The more I learned the more I felt "this isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be!" :D What an exciting feeling!

Keep at it! がんばってね! \(^o^)/


amazing O.O

i can really read those a i u e o !so fast!in one day!i am sooooooooooooooo grateful for this website >_< it's actually easy!omg,i just can't believe it...

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This is cool. Going to have

This is cool. Going to have to work on my writing though! :)

same problem...

yup,me too...soul sisteeeers! ;DD

Man, it's so awesome that you

Man, it's so awesome that you add in those little examples at the bottom! Most of those words I already know and remember from past attempts at teaching myself, but it's different without the romanized versions right next to them! I keep myself from looking at my notes to make myself sound it out. Then it's like "Bam!" and I know what I said! I did that with "akai"~
This website is so awesome!

lol, nice

For me it's actually pretty easy to pronounce those words and letters very well even without listening to the sound examples, because japanese is very close to my birth language in pronunciation and that's so cool!^^

I love this website.

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God, this page is just awesome. I practice 30-60 minutes everyday with some books and with this i can get the sounds right too!

So... Sound...

So I know your busy, but when are you going to add sound for the examples? Sorry to bother you about it.

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There you go! (Well, for

There you go! (Well, for this one.) I'll work on this soon--but remind me if I am slow.

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The mini quizes


Just joined this website because it's awesome!

I was thinking, could you include the vocab you give us in those mini quizes? I think it would be really good practise. :)


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Do you mean add the sound?

Do you mean add the sound? If so, I do plan on it. I'm just so busy right now :(

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I believe he means if you

I believe he means if you could use the examples that are given in a quiz.

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I think you're right.

I think you're right. I think they mean to take the 4 words listed as the examples as use them in a quiz as well.

I would think that should probably go in another section of the site for learning vocabulary though. :( Generally people that are drilling through these are just trying to learn the kana for the first time and are total beginners... trying to learn extra completely random vocabulary at the same time might be distracting from the main goal of getting the kana themselves down pat first. :)

Maybe Clay could look at setting up a beginner level vocabulary quiz as well that would serve the purpose PurpleFlower is looking for? :)


You got it!

Yes, I meant putting those extra random vocab words in a quiz. I strongly believe that mastering the vocab that uses familiar characters early on will benefit greatly in the long run, no matter how random!

great news thnx :D

great news thnx :D

the examples

would it be possible to add voice examples please i kinda find it difficult to put 2 and 2 together by just reading it lol sorry :P

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Yes, we will--eventually. :)

Yes, we will--eventually. :) I do have the sound files ready, but I need to get the Grammar section done first.

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