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Hiragana Page 09 く ku

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This is not your average less than sign

[Follow the red strokes from left to right]

- [as in COol]

MEMORY: It looks like paKU man (Pac-man)

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'the number 9'

- This means 'to go'

- This means 'air'

Kanji, the 3rd writing system in Japanese, has about 2000 characters to learn - aren't you glad you are learning Hiragana?

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I always thought that "Nine" was "Kyuu", not "Ku". Can it be both, or is "Kyuu" not right?

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九 has two on'yomi pronunciations : kyuu and ku.

Ah, ok. ありがとう! ^_^

Ah, ok. ありがとう! ^_^

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aaahhhh くwas the first kana I memorized without even trying to. I didn't even know what kana was. I just knew it made a "ku" sound :)

I speak "spanglish" but, un dia el mundo ablara "spanglishnese". こういうわけで私はここにいる

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for all who helped so many people to learn Japanese Language.

Angry Penguin

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Thanks for sharing all this knowledge! Is very very well done... It is a pleasure to find this kind of sites on the internet, where people can share all this amazing contents


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How come the audio files of

How come the audio files of the words were missed?

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Added now. :) Clay sent me

Added now. :) Clay sent me the sound files, so I'm going through and adding them all now. Hopefully I'll have them all up soon.


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Clay adds them as he has

Clay adds them as he has time. He has to have his wife record them and then set them up here on the website when he's not busy running TheJapanShop.com etc. :)

He's slowly making his way through the kana adding the sounds 1 section at a time.


Man, that was a tough

Man, that was a tough character to write! ;)

at first I thought It's very

at first I thought It's very hard to learn hiragana... but now.. its very easy and interesting:]

I agree it is very easy and

I agree it is very easy and interesting, though I am still not sure how I should pronounce words with a sound and then the same sound right after. Example: くうき "air" The
く and the う

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Just think of it like each

Just think of it like each character having a "beat". Each beat is about the same length. So when you have a "u" sound right after the "ku" sound, just hold the "u" at the end of "ku" for an extra beat before saying the "ki" part. :)

Practice it like saying くき (ku-ki) as two beats (which is another word entirely, which means "stalk" like "stalk of corn"), and then くうき (ku-u-ki) as 3 beats and see if you can tell the difference. :) Pretty soon you'll be holding the sound the correct length by habit. :D

I hope this helps! :)



Looks like a coo-coo bird's beak. Coo-coo!

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