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Hiragana Page 41 も mo

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- [as in MOwer]

MEMORY: It looks like a man with a hat on taking a MOrning's rest

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'potato'

- This means 'if'

- This means 'heavy'


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Stroke Order

I keep seeing differing stroke orders on this one. Some places show that it's the horizontal lines that come first, but others are like this one.
Are the other ones wrong? Is this the way it should be done? Can it be done both ways?

も stroke order vs. モ stroke order

There's both a hiragana and a katakana character read 'mo' that look almost the same.

There's only one stroke order for the hiragana も and that's to do the hook first and then the horizontal lines.

There's also only one stroke order for the katakana モ, and that's the horizontal lines first and then the hook.

I don't really know why such similar characters are different stroke orders, but they are.

MO stroke order

I have been wondering for a long time too.

I found this today: http://kakijun.jp/etc/h6o.html

It appears to be done by japanese people so it should be correct? The horizontal strokes are drawn after.

I guess that these lines are not really horizontal, that explains why they don't follow the "horizontal comes first" pattern.


I've noticed that in English when pronouncing vowels the pitch of a persons goes down a bit at the end, while in Japanese it goes a bit up. Something good to keep in mind.

If that is a hook

You can catch 'mo fish with two worms on the hook!

Good one

Now I have a picture of a fisherman saying that stuck in my head :)


Is it just me or does this symbol's stroke sequence deviate from the normal pattern? I have noticed that they seem to go left to right and clockwise in stroke patterns. The horizontals have almost always come first in the stroke sequence as well. Just wondering :)

Illuminating the world one unknown at a time

Yepp, if I dont remind myself

Yepp, if I dont remind myself the order I keep writing the horizontals first. Kind of weird.


love this website again i cant stress how you guys made this to be so easy! :D i can already form some my own vocabulary!


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Thank you!

Thank you!

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Great pages!

This is the best website I've coming across! Saying the sound, the examples, repeating the sound, and then writing the symbol ten times has been a great way to learn. Then I write the five hiragana from each chapter I've learned so far over and over until I can randomly write them. Thank you for this awesome resource!

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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the nice comment!

TheJapanShop.com- Japanese language learning materials
Checkout our iPhone apps: TheJapanesePage.com/iPhone

heh! :p

You fully deserve it... I would write the same, but the dude covered me! I practicaly learned to read in Hiragana in some hours-and I bet that by practising I'll get used enough!!! :)

It's wonderful!

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Thank you! Keep it up by

Thank you! Keep it up by finding hiragana around the internet to prac