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Hiragana Page 25 な na

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Hiragana NA


- [as in kNOt]

MEMORY: It looks like a rope all tangled in a kNOt

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'summer'

- This means 'longing', 'nostalgic', or 'reminiscent'

- This means 'hole'

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the third stroke

wikipedia shows a version without that hook and a version with the hook??
whcih version do i need D:? or is the animated version the computerized version and the with hook hand writing?

same goes for ra ら there is a hook on wikipedia but there is no hook in computerized version.

so can i conclude that the hooked version is handwriting and without hook computer hiragana?

help please

the word (natskachi) sweet memory, when i pronounce each character its sounds like (natsukachi) but for some reason the (tsu) is not fully pronouced, so i dont know when or how to pronouce it.
can anyone help me?, i just started studying the hiragana, arigatou gosaimasu

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Re: help please

う and い are "weak" vowels and are devoiced (silent?) between two unvoiced consonants, in the case of natsukashii (なつかしい) the "u" is between "s"/"ts" and "k" so is devoiced.

Another common example of this is suki (好き/すき), meaning "like", which sounds like s'ki.

Don't complain to me that people kick you when you're down. It's your own fault for lying there

thank you

thank you chikara, i think i get it now, but i still need to work harder on how vowels are pronounced when they are combined with other consonants, thank you very much and god bless you

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Sounds Like...

gNAt, NAt King Cole, NAsty. Is this a difference between English and American accents or am I just hearing things oddly again, 'cause that's always a possibility! The Twilight Zone theme just started on my mp3 player! *lol*

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

Looks like a t taking the hat

Looks like a t taking the hat from a d.

NAh you can't have that hat.

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Very Helpful!

Thanks! I love your mnemonic! It helped me a lot. :)

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hehe... I've been enjoying

hehe... I've been enjoying reading your mnemonics. ;)

The only one I ever used was one I made up for を. :)


so far so good!

yeah everyone does mnemonics (or most of people) I quite find Familiar... don't know why i feel very nostalgic with Japanese characters and couldn't imagine these meaning something else :)

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