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Hiragana Page 28 ね ne

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Hiragana NE


- [as in NAY]

MEMORY: If you look carefully you will see a '1', '+' and a '2' but, NAY, no '3'

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'fever'

- This means 'older sister'

- This means 'cat'

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Looks like

A needle connected to a piece of thread xD Ne = needle

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it looks like its an N with an upside down e ね

looks like..

to me it looks like the number two is getting yanked away and he is screaming NEver!!!!!

I like to think of it as a I

I like to think of it as a I with a Z going through and then it turns into a 2

"I zee two" for me but has nothing to do with remembering how to pronounce it just helped me remembering how to write it.


Looks like a man being attacked by a sNAke.

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