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Hiragana Page 26 に ni

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Hiragana NI


- [as in kNEE]

MEMORY: It looks like a person sitting on his kNEEs (as seen from above)

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'west'

- This means 'older brother'

- This means 'smell'

- This means 'what?'

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If "ani" means older brother, what does "aniki" mean?

One's senior. A good English

One's senior.
A good English equivalent would be "bro".

About those...

About those little hooks at the end of each line, as if the pen is going a bit up for example... Are they needed fr could it be just a straight/bended line?
And by the way, the "need a hug" thing is brilliant :D

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From Wikipedia...

From Wikipedia... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ming_%28typeface%29

"Triangles at the end of single horizontal strokes, called uroko (鱗, literally “fish scales”) in Japanese, comparable to serifs. These are a print analog of the slight dot caused by pausing one's brush (dùn 頓, the "pause technique", used to reinforce the beginning or ending of a stroke), which is characteristic of regular script."

They're technically not necessary, but can improve the look of your writing if you're going for style etc. (as far as I know.) :)

From what I've seen on the forum, they generally are omitted in normal writing. They're included in many "ming" type fonts to mimic the brush style of written "calligraphy" style characters.


Oookay, drawing them too then

Oookay, drawing them too then :D Thanks a lot, I never thought about wikipedia oO

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Monty Python and the...

Knights who say Ni! Doesn't help with the pronunciation [unless you watch the film], but I couldn't help but be reminded of it! I'll just have to think of the Knights coming to get me like zombies with their arms outstretched, and the pain I'm in trying to remember this ;)

[Ni is a sacred word for the Knights and causes people pain when the knights say it apparently, in case you were wondering what I was rambling on about].

And the sad thing is, I'll probably still not remember it! The Hiragana is more like the 'k' in knee anyway, but I like shuffling zombies!

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

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A shrubbery!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D4Ud8-jric :D

Don't complain to me that people kick you when you're down. It's your own fault for lying there

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Thanks :)

I haven't seen that in ages *lol*

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

For me

it looks like a house fell to the left :D

Another memory association...again

It looks like a person NEEding to be hugged

Me bored, me play, me kill!

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don't mean to beat a dead post

but this one really helped :)

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It's quite alright. :D I have

It's quite alright. :D I have a lot of fun seeing the mnemonics people come up with for these. A lot of them I would have never thought of but they are brilliant and I'm sure people find them useful. :D

It's nice to let people know their idea was useful. :)


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I like that one :)

I like that one :)

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

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