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Hiragana Page 29 の no

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This hiragana by itself means 'apostraphe S' (Possession)


- [as in NO]

MEMORY: It's a circle! NO it's almost a circle...

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'apostraphe S' (possession)

- This means 'cat's hand'

- This means 'this''

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Sideways 9.

I'm really learning from this site, の looks similar to a sideways 9 or a back ways 6. Otherwise love this site. :D

Stop sign

This looks like a stop sign C: And stop signs mean "no u cannot go ahead, wait"

Oh No

Looks like a 9 fell down oh 'NO'


I thought the japanese word for 'this' was kore... what's the difference?

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"kono pen wa yasui desu."

"kono pen wa yasui desu." versus "Kore wa yasui desu."

kono must always be followed specifically by the noun you're describing... kore just means "this" more generally.

Like "This pen is cheap." (the first example) versus "This is cheap." (the second)

You wouldn't ever say "kore pen wa ...", and you wouldn't ever say "kono wa ..." etc. (Hopefully I got that right enough.) ;)



It's like the slashed circle in the NO-smoking sign

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