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Hiragana Page 47 ら ra

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Hiragana - For more on the R's click here


- Listen to the sound

MEMORY: It looks like a RAttled # 5

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'from'

- This means 'plate' or 'dish'

- This means 'the sky'

RA RI RU RE RO - are the most difficult to pronounce - listen to the sound file HERE 53 k wav

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lady gaga song

ra ra ra ra ra = the character looks like a 5, the pronunciation is close to ra xD

broken link

The "click here" link in the title is broken.

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Thank you! Updated it. :) It

Thank you! Updated it. :) It should point to the correct page now.


RAd 5

How bout remembering it as a RAd 5?


It sounds almost like "rdda" or is it my idea?

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The "R" sounds can sound like

The "R" sounds can sound like R, L, or D. Whatever helps you mimic the sound the best is best.

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It looks like a RAW 5... I don't know if that really makes sense, but it helps me. :P

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