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Hiragana Page 50 れ re

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Listen to them all HERE 53 k wav


- [listen to file]

MEMORY: It is almost in the shape of a RAInbow

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'to bow'

- This means 'beautiful'

- This means 'impolite'


Listen to them all HERE 53 k wav

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To remember re

Re seems similar to Ne. For me to remember Ne I have needle, so to remember re I simply say, redo needle sowing ><

Looks like a small h which is

Looks like a small h which is used for the reduced Planck constant :)
Well at least I think it resembles it...

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Reduced Planck

Reduced Planck constant;

Indeed it does! :D



For me..

While writing it by hand I probably dont do it right and most of the times I get it look as if it is a R bit with a really small circle, so I remember it as a "REdo of an R". I know the sound in redo is not "re" but hey, English aint my language so I just get the visual idea :D

memory aid

The key is to come up with something that, in English letter, looks like the hiragana. For this reason, i think rainbow, the one offered here, is a poor choice.

Maybe a runner getting REady at the starting line? Look hard and maybe you will, like i did, see a runner kneeling down at the white chalk line.


A RAdio tower being struck by lightning? Saw it somewhere else a while ago.

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