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Hiragana Page 12 Review Two

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Here are the suspects... Can you name them?


What is the Hiragana to the left?

Continue until you are sure of them all


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This is amazing guys....Really , works great in memorizing the alphabets...


arigato gozaimasu

Make your own bookmark

I have a Mac and have opened the Kana keyboard permanently, so it is always on the side of my screen (handy for typing) but then I made a screenshot of the Hiragana and Katakana and laminated them back to back to make a small bookmark which I can use to quickly check my work in exercises.
I also have sticky notes of new words grouped in categories (nouns verbs adjectives adverbs etc) stuck around my bedroom walls.
But for daily practice I am using some apps o my iphone Kana LS I think the good one is called.


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Any chance of taking some

Any chance of taking some photos so that we can see what it looks like? :)



Did you want photos of the bookmark or photos of my bedroom?
My toddler thinks it is hilarious, that Mummy has walls covered in japanese words and wants me to put some in his bedroom too!


Domo arigatou gozaimasu^^

this quiz, stroke practice, & memory realy helped

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This is really helping me!!!

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Oh my, this is amazing!! I'm

Oh my, this is amazing!! I'm picking this up so easily. :)


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Glad it is helping.

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ten letters down, more to go :) keep 'em comming!

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I feel like I'm really starting to get this now :D
Another great lesson!


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Excellent website! I

Excellent website!

I bookmarked it!



This is great ^.^

This works wonderfully! I'm really glad I stumbled on this website

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its not easy

its not easy

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This is great! I'm on my way to learning Japanese - yay!

This helps :D

This helps, but as soon as I go to write it down on paper, I forget it all xD
Any tips?

Sticky notes!

Write learn 5 letters/sings, write them down on sticky notes, one on each note and hang them up somewhere you often look.. On a wall somewhere, on your roomdoor, fridge and so on.. I do that, and I leave them for a week or so, until I mermorized them all.

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keep practicing

well, i guess the best thing to do is to keep on writing them over and over until you've memorised them all :)

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..that helps a lot ;)


this helps alot

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