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Hiragana Page 18 Review Three

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Here are the suspects... Can you name them?


What is the Hiragana to the left?

Continue until you are sure of them all


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makes this all very easy. thanks


Is there some kind of Quiz for Lessons 1-3?

This is really great! It's

This is really great! It's definitely the easiest way I've seen to learn. :) The only thing I hink could be better is if the answer choices were rearranged with every answer you give; I find myself remembering the answers as much by their placement as the sound itself. :/

Should I learn the new words

Should I learn the new words which are under the new letters,or do they just serve as examples? I.e., is it important to learn them now, or should i learn them afterwards when learning the dictionary(only focus on learning the letters)?


It almost makes me want to cry how easy you guys have made it for me to learn Japanese. The learning system is great, and these Hirangana stay in my head. I have just finished my first three chapters in just one night!!!

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It's our pleasure! I still

It's our pleasure!

I still remember when I first started learning Japanese and had the same feeling. :D When I started understanding how the kana worked, and even the sentence structure... it was like this great feeling of thinking it wasn't nearly as incomprehensible as I'd thought!

Good luck going forward, and please feel free to ask questions if you run into tough spots. :D




Excuse my language but, You guys, and your site, totally kick ass. This is really awesome how organized this system of learning is, and how the hiragana just seem to stick with you.


Absolutely love the reviews. They get the info stuck in my head so I wont forget! AND its fun.

Very helpful

Again i cant stress how easy You guys made japanese to be able to learn in a fun way! :)

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