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Hiragana Page 06 Review One

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Here are the suspects... Can you name them?


What is the Hiragana to the left?

Continue until you are sure of them all


All other Hiragana letters are consonants + a vowel (except n)

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Great!! but accent...


Absolutely excellent teaching methods, though my ONE suggestion would be:

With descriptions for the words, such as 'ta' as in 'toddler', it's with an American accent. As I'm Australian (so i guess inadvertently related to British English, [hey, not my fault]), the 'ta' would be more like a 'to'. Does that kinda make sense... (?)

Either way, it's amazing at how you have created this for learning! I'm having SO much fun practicing and learning in such a beautiful and simple way!



IN just 10 minutes , I have learned all this characters. amazing this lesson so i keep going...... thanks a lot for it.. ta ta for now

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Great to hear! I'm glad it is

Great to hear! I'm glad it is helping. Keep at it!

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nice lesson review!

thanks alot! i tried writing all the aiueo characters. It's great!

Ways to remember

The u is sideways for u, e=z, and the a looks like a T, so you can think of it as Teacher approval ;p

the best

thnks loads :)


Really, nicely done !


arigatoo really helpful ^^

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knowing I've already know a few ,I'm pretty good!! やった!!

thank you

thanks very much that is the easiest way i have ever seen thanks agian

people like fruits;everyone has a different taste but we love them all.

Great lessons

Thank you very much for all the lessons you provide.

Angry Penguin


This is the easiest way:) Better than others ways I have tried to learn this language

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wow, I need one of the

wow, I need one of the staples easy buttons :)

Oh wow! This was awesome! I

Oh wow! This was awesome! I needed a little refresher, just for recognizing them, and this was great! :D


That was easy! :) I'll try the nest lesson.

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Fue facil

Fue facil

can't beleave it!

I finished the chapter!

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Great lesson!

This lesson was really helpful getting me started! =)


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yay i finished chapter 1 ^___^

it's really fun:)

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Awesome! :D I wish there were

Awesome! :D I wish there were a little "like" button on here like on Facebook. ;) hehe I'd click it for this. :)



Never really knew it would be that 'simple'. Well, at least for these 5. I guess the rest will be more difficult. But i'll do my best.

Thanks for the lessons :)


I can write it so fast ...no problem in doing

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Thanks, it helped alot =D. Im just at the beginning in Hiragana and learned the first
five Hiragana in about half an hour. Thank you =D But i guess its becoming more difficult :).


This is fun... I'm just afraid that no one can understand my writting... lol :))

by the way the ineractive game is fun but every one has their own learning style its best to figure out your style and apply flash cards if you feel so... I'm more of the interactive ones though... TC...

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Are there any flash cards for the Hiragana?

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Games is more fun

It's ok, but with the games it is indeed funnier.

its better with the games.

its better with the games. You learn faster and its fun :)

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wakarimasen...i start to get

wakarimasen...i start to get dem rite den i just loose it!

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With all my heart and mind... i know i can do this :D



I can read the first five letters without hesitations on to which letters are the symbols pertain to..weeee...


this is really good for

this is really good for revision. Thanks so much!


This really does make

This really does make studying easier. For sure.


It's kinda hard to copy it correctly to a piece of paper!

but I'll do my best!


wee~! nice nice~!! xDD.


wow so much easier than i thought great learning method


yay, this is piece of cake!! =D But how am I supposed to practice? Just keep writing them down everyday? =o


Interesting, I thought this would be road kill as well lmao. Koolios.! This is a really good system to learn these characters.

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yea this does get easier

yea this does get easier

ha ha ha

this isnt so bad i thought id be road kill, but i can do this! i just have a hard time with A.

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hehe. You can do it!

hehe. You can do it!

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Im getting the hang of the

Im getting the hang of the now. The problem is i need much more practice on writing these symbols.


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i like it is fun

Hotaru 1412

I've finished the whole

I've finished the whole Hiragana section. But in katakana, we don't have these reviews. It's a real shame, they were very good...

one day, you asked me to choose between you and my life, i chose my life, and you went away.
But what you didn't know, is that my life is you

eAsy dOes iT!!!

i`ve studied it before but don`t know the correct strokes, thus i stopped and forgot about it. when i arrived in japan, my workmate asked me to write her name even in hiragana, because she have her hands full at that moment. then, isaid...``i don`t know``. so got this refuelled interest to relearn hiragana...
i also have a question. i have requested for the 3 kanji and 4 kanji a day but i didn`t get any notification e-mail so you guys could verify my e-mail...how can i start the KANJI a day??? HELP please!!!
thanks in advance!!! =) chu!!!

Sorry if i didn`t use the upper case in this comment...
still hoping for reply...

tOo bLessEd tO bE sTresSed!!!

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wow this is quite effective, i started katakana about 5months ago and never got anywhere but i could do this!!

"The slave becomes the masterrr!!!......"

Thanx FinalFantasyXIII.net

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Great! Glad to hear it is

Great! Glad to hear it is working. Keep at it. Study a little each day and in a few weeks I am sure you will have no problem with hiragana.

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