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Hiragana Page 51 ろ ro

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Listen to them all HERE 53 k wav


- [listen to file]

MEMORY: Think of a man in a boat ROWing

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'color'

- This means 'white'

- This means 'interesting'

Listen to them all HERE 53 k wav

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-u letters

I tell them apart because they tend to have a little circle in them, like: mu, su, nu...

oh i never thought of that

oh i never thought of that ....good observation! now i'll remember them easily :D

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€


How I RU(e) that little curly-cue (る)

Think of the song...

る and ろ are very similiar, so how keep them apart? When you see the one that looks most like 3 (no ROOT), then think ROW ROW ROW (3) your boat!


Good one!

That's a real good way to think of it. Hehe.

"I know I'm dead on the surface, but I am screaming underneath."

well.. for me..it looks like

well.. for me..it looks like a three..a nd to have that like ROw.. think 3 in a ROw.. haha

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Yes I was thinking that. Good one!

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