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Hiragana Page 16 せ se

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Try to make silly memory associations for yourself

[Follow the red strokes from left to right]

- [as in SAY]

MEMORY: It looks like someone wearing a hat SAying something

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'sweat'

- This means 'chair' or 'seat'
(another word for seat is isu)

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Just to be safe, I'll use "seki" for seat, and "isu" for chair.

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If "isu" is chair or seat,

If "isu" is chair or seat, and "seki" is chair or seat, is there a difference in usage or are they just interchangeable?

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There seems to be a subtle

There seems to be a subtle difference... but I'm not really qualified to try to explain exactly what it is. :/

isu - chair; post; office; position.

seki - seat; location (of a gathering, etc.); place; position; post.

and it looks like those two words lead into the word chii as well, which means "social position; status".

So while isu means "chair" specifically and leads into those other kind of social status meanings... seki just means a seat in general, and not just a chair specifically? and also leads into the social status meanings... like chii, which just has the social status meanings associated with the other two words.

So you'd use seki for asking things like "where is my seat?" or "Is anyone sitting here?" etc. Whereas you would use isu when asking "where is my chair?" specifically, or "can I have a chair to sit in?" etc.

That's how I interpret it. :P Hopefully someone else can give a better explanation?


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That explanation fits with my

That explanation fits with my understanding. Isu is a chair whereas seki is a seat. A chair is a seat but not all seats are chairs. :)


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Looks like a man looking to the left with a scar on his eye

Looks like a...

Looks like a prison CEll...

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It's funny as why must the be

It's funny as why must the be a hat in the memory sentence..

But Nice one

Another memory association

How about: A man holding a baby SAying something to him.

Me bored, me play, me kill!

I saw that too

Mine was: Don't SAY that in front of the baby!

a man holding a baby...

yeaaah, that makes more sense.. :D

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