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Hiragana Page 19 た ta

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CHAPTER 4: The 'T' line has a few that aren't "regular" - so be careful


- [as in TOddler]

MEMORY: It looks like a TOddler reaching for a toy

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'down' or 'below'

- This means 'octopus'

- This means 'cell phone '

- This means 'song'

Try saying "ta chi tsu te to" 5 times fast

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Romaji for texting people?

Romaji is availible on most Iphones as a Japanese language. But I've still no idea how to use it.

guten morgen, tag, abend!!
---Drocell C. Beilschmidt

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It looks like a guy eating a TAco た 


why is google translating song like 歌?

is it hiragana or katakana?

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Not to Answer, but to add;

While the word うた and the kanji 歌 both mean "song", the phrase "うたうた" can mean a request for a person to sing. Something like the English, "Speech! Speech!" in requesting an acceptance speech.

-The Red Bear, Rockie J of The Indy Indies

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歌 is neither, i believe its

歌 is neither, i believe its kanji, and stands for one word.

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That's correct. It's the

That's correct. It's the kanji for "song". Written in hiragana it would be うた.

Please read the first section of the Getting Started guide on "What is Japanese?" for an explanation of the differences between the kanji and kana. :)


so, does is it like the

so, does is it like the following(the romaji not the sounds)
Thank you

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Yes, those are the correct

Yes, those are the correct romaji for the kana examples above. :)



I'm so glad my birth language is almost the same as japanese in pronunciation and I don't have to worry about that :P It's really easy for me. (I'm so evil xD)

would Octopus (tako) sound

would Octopus (tako) sound like taco in spanish?

I believe it's perfect the way they have it.

How does it sound like "TA"p? It makes a long "a" sound, like in the example they give. Just saying.

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Accents possibly causing trouble.

I think we might be having issues with people's accents... like US vs UK vs Australian etc.

It's a short "a" sound... like in "father" etc... not like in "tap" or "tape". It's best to listen to the audio examples and get an idea from those.


You can play the a-i-u-e-o sound in the top section, or click on the "a" sound in the bottom section there for more examples.

(similar to the "ka" sound, which is like "cop", not "cat"...)


How can you memo all of those

How can you memo all of those hiragana characters? What do I need to do to not to forget them? Because I always forget what those characters mean and I have to go back and study those hiragana characters again :(

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Generally just try to use

Generally just try to use what you've learned. :) Any time you see written Japanese, try to sound it out. :) Even if you can't read the kanji parts yet, just try sounding out the parts you do know.

You can also try writing in Japanese in the chat etc... or try basic sentences like "わたし は セラン です。 よろしく おねがいします。"

Practice makes perfect and helps really lock it into your brain. :)


the basics on the hiragana on

the basics on the hiragana on each lessons how many hours do I need to spend my time studying them?

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Until you can remember them.

Until you can remember them. :) The amount of time differs for each person. It shouldn't take too long.

Most people can remember all of them in 2 weeks or so on average I'd think.


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may i suggest Tap. TAp. A leaking tap?

Ratty regards, <:3)~~

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Yes, sounds more like TAp to

Yes, sounds more like TAp to me too :)

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

To the english speakers it

To the english speakers it looks like "t" and an incomplete "a", ta :)

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