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Hiragana Page 22 て te

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- [as in TAble]

MEMORY: It looks like a TErrible seven

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'hand'

- This means 'enemy'

- This means 'nice'

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Isn't it one stroke?

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That has it as 1 stroke, as do others. The main thing is to write it in the correct direction. top left to right, then down.

Stroke count is mainly useful in kanji for looking up the kanji, classifying them, etc.

道 ← the bottom/left stroke of that is written like 1 stroke but is counted as two for instance.

For kana I think it's less important what the stroke count is, as long as you're writing them in the correct direction. :)

(Maybe someone could elaborate on this?)


Also it seems like you use

Also it seems like you use the computer version of hiragana instead of handwriting..

Well stroke count is just as

Well stroke count is just as important as stroke order(I think lol), if you write something with more strokes that it is it'll look different.
in other cases in this one itll most of the times look the same.


is it necessary to follow the ORDER of the strokes as mentioned?

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

I would say yes

I would have to say yes for a few reasons. Although it may be relatively simple to write kana, when it comes to more complex kanji it is very important to do the strokes in order. A good example of the importance of stroke order in kana is the katakana シ (shi) and ツ (tsu) the long line in shi starts from the bottom and moves up. The long line in tsu, however, starts from the top and moves down. When written on paper it gives each character a distinct look so that it's more easily recognizable which is which.

So basically it's best just to learn the orders. :) Hope this helps


ah! so we have to remember the order .....!
....THANK YOU :) i'll remember to follow the order of strokes

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

Oh my..

Makes me feel I would never be able to write the katakana thing.. Even when I am following the order it still does not look like the picture xD Thanks for this example though, sure is gonna make me try and be more careful with how I write those.


This looks more ilke a bend T then a 7 to me! and it helps to remenber easily too since it's a "Te" that looks like a "T" :D

Will there be audio again for

Will there be audio again for the examples? I'm just wondering because they helped a lot when they were first there

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Added the audio samples. :)

Added the audio samples. :) Clay sent me all the audio samples, so I'm going through and adding them all now.


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Yes. :) Clay adds the audio

Yes. :) Clay adds the audio samples as he gets time. :)


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Tearing Paper

Yes, tear as in tearing paper sounds right to me too.

You have this down as 2 strokes, my textbook says one, is this anything I need to worry about? Or are you just making it easier to see how to write them? Thanks :)

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

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