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Hiragana Page 03 う u

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As we build the number of characters learned we will increase the vocabulary as well

[Follow the red strokes from left to right]

- [as in fOOd]

MEMORY: It looks like a nose and an opened mouth looking for fOOd

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means "to meet"

- This means "to say"

Later we will see that sometimes this character is used to make characters longer in pronunciation - keep that in mind, but don't worry, be happy

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how come in 'to meet' both

how come in 'to meet' both vowels make their own sounds but in 'to say' its a different sound? Does this only happen when I and U are together?

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I feel kinda slow. Some of the sounds sound the same to me and I can't really pronounce them correctly. :S

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Which ones? Perhaps we can

Which ones? Perhaps we can offer some advice. :)


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Tsu and Su still get me at

Tsu and Su still get me at times. ^^;

す su and つ tsu

the difference between "つ" (tsu) and "す" (su) is the "t/z" sound. す is pronounced sue (literally) while there is a slight hiss/z/t sound at the beginning in つ. When you say つ generally say "ssu" or "zu"

I think. you might want to get this checked out by a native speaker. I'm not, I just started learning about a week ago. I've only just mastered the hiragana alphabet

try listening to this: http://japanese-lesson.com/characters/hiragana/hiragana_drill/hiragana04... and http://japanese-lesson.com/characters/hiragana/hiragana_drill/hiragana03.... Click on the appropriate characters to listen to the sound. :D do the drills. its helps. However, the audio quality isn't so great at times, so you probably would want to refer back to this site as confirmation. If you want to get the hang of it quickly, everytime you see the romanji write out the correct hiragana and sound it out as well. You'll pick it up quickly. Keep doing it until you can write, read/recongize and say all hiragana. Do the drills on this site too! Try to pronounce each hiragana character as it comes up on the drill. 20-30 minutes or less a day should do the trick!

(remove the "..." at the end of both links in the url bar to make them work)

and if all else fails, you can always search youtube for how-to-pronounciation guides. There are videos showing you how to shape your mouth in order to pronounce the characters properly.


Do kana and hiragana mean the same thing?

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€


this website is really giving me hopes!i'm looking foward to learning japanese ^^



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I can't hear the sounds. Can someone please help?

Necessity is the mother of ingenuity, right? In Greek mythology Ananke is the primeval god of necessity and with her mate Kronos , primeval god of time, they split the egg that contained the world. So in theory ingenuity = the world :D

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Do you have the latest

Do you have the latest version of Flash installed?


Make sure that's up to date and then give it another try. Let me know if you're still having problems. :)


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It looks like a half smiling face.lol

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言うー話す u just need to know

言うー話す u just need to know thoses 2 & the diff. between the 2.

aint seen the others used commonly, well, not during my trip to japan and w/ my japanese friends there.


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'Speak' or 'Say'?

Argh! Why can’t everything match up! The wonder and frustrations of language I suppose! My text books is claiming that いう is ‘speak’ and TJP and my dictionary 居う [I used JWPce software to convert to Kanji], claim it’s ‘to say’ or ‘say’ respectively. I’m happy to go with TJP and the dictionary, but how much does the slight difference matter? Is it just a matter of preference or tense? Is the more formal ‘speak’ used just to be on the safe side? Bear in mind I’m lousy at grammar so make explanations easy to follow ;-)


Or am I running in circles until I melt? Probably over thinking things at this point huh? :-)

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

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From WWWJDIC 言う(P); 云う; 謂う


言う(P); 云う; 謂う 【いう(P); ゆう(P)】 (v5u) (1) to say; (2) to call (i.e. to give a name); (P)

話す 【はなす】 (v5s,vt) to speak; (P)


Yeah, but it also looks like an ordinary 'U' just rotated to the side.

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looks like a misprinted 5


Looks like a person carrying something heavy on his back "oooo this is heavy!"

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