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Hiragana Page 43 や ya

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- [as in YAk]

MEMORY: It looks like something a YAk stepped on

EXAMPLES: How do you say them?
- This means 'parent'

- This means 'room'

- This means 'mountain'


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The speaker is saying えや instead of へや.
It sounds very strange.

It sounds to me more like a

It sounds to me more like a soft version of "YUck"

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it does actually look somewhat like a yak jumping in the air.

Oh YEAH, it's Pee-chan

(Fan of the pillows here) I remember this by combining the overused "ya" (YEAH) in pillows songs with the lead guitarists nickname, Pee-chan, because it looks like a P and sounds like "yah"...
I hope it works for somebody else out there...or just think Oh ya, its snooPy and forget all this. ;)

Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wednesday, maybe not...not

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Is it just me or...

Does this remind you of Snoopy? No, wait, just imagine Snoopy in a car, head out the window and ears flying in the wind! It just popped into my head as I was practicing writing ya and now I can't get it out! :)

。 Bright (ki) 。 クレア

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what are you smoking? lol seriously thats just hilarious

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I can kind of see that...

I can kind of see that... although (luckily?) for me, I've always just seen it as a kind of "y"... for "ya". :)


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another one

It looks like a J on a swing shouting YAy ;)

Hahaha :D

Yess..it does look like that! I m gonna remember it like this.

Live to eat , don't eat to live :€

ah... mnemonic suggestion!

Great info! I remember you mentioning earlier to suggest new memory words?

I think... it looks like 'ya' there's the y in the upper left, and an upside down a.


that example really helped me alot!!!!! thank sooo much!!!!!!! now when i write it i kinda know it means ya... arigato gozaimasu


Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the site is working again,now I can finish learning the Hiragana,
My compliments for the learning techinque used here ,it is very clear ,

thanks KIKI

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