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Katakana Page 04

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Let's take a look at the T's. You may want to make flashcards to practice by.

- ta    - as in TOm boy
it looks like an invisible TOm boy hitting a TAmborine (the American pronunciation of Tambourine is off a little, but say it with 'tah' pronunciation)

- chi    - as in CHEEze
NOTE: This is another 'irregular' pronunciation. You would think it would be 'ti' but it is 'CHI'. It is a CHEAp and CHEEzy umbrella turned inside out.

- tsu    - as in caT SOUp
It looks like someone smiling at such a ridiculous mnemonic as caT SOUp. Don't confuse this with ・#92; (so)

- te    - as in TApe
It looks like someone is putting down a roll of TApe.

- to    - TOE 
Someone is kicking something with their TOE.

Write them out 10 times a day and soon you will get it.  To aid memorization, make silly associations to go with them. You can use the above mnemonics or you can make your own!



Did you write the above katakana 10 times? Did you sound them out as well? Well, do it again! And then take the following test & Javascript quiz (see link below)...


How do you read these Katakana characters? What English words do they sound out?

テスト ____________    This means ____________
アイス ____________    This means ____________
コート _____________   This means ____________
アート _____________    This means ______________
アウト _____________    This means ______________
ツアー_____________    This means ______________
タコス _____________    This means ______________  [This is a Mexican food]

Click here to check your answers

Perhaps you can recognize these 5 in just one day of practice.  







テスト   tesuto This means Test
アイス aisu This means Ice (or Ice Cream)
コート   ko-to This means Coat
アート  a-to  This means Art
アウト  auto  This means Out
ツアー  tsua-  This means Tour
タコス  takosu  This means (Mexican) Tacos

Think you have it all down pat?
Click here

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For [te] I remembered it as a TElevision anTEnna.


I just adore this site. Makes everything to look like a game.

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it seems to me the characters for SHI and TSU are almost identical...the slight difference is the positioning of the ten-ten.
hope I will be able to set them apart in a written text :)


The way we learnt it was that there are "tsu" (two) balls dropping downwards. Yes, that is what our teacher told us to remember! But to be fair, we all remembered it!

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シ and ツ

The way I remember them is by thinking of them like little smiley faces. :)

The shi/シ looks like it's looking upward to the right... and the tsu/ツ looks like it's looking down and to the left.

The same for the so/ソ and n/ン katakana... except with only "one eye". ;)

Once I had a way to differentiate which one I was looking at, then I had a much easier time remembering which was which, and which sound belonged to each one. :) Maybe this can help you as well.


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Oh wow, I can't believe I've been writing タ wrong this whole time! I couldn't get my handwriting recognition to make タ and then I looked it up here... now I see.

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