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I am Theresa from Colorado Springs. 40 years ago I had a Japanese exchange student who lived with us in the US for a year. Now she (Yoshiko) is taking us to Tokyo and Kyoto in October. I studied Japanese in college for two years. Forgot most of what I learned. My husband and I like to watch Japanese films. Anyway, my purpose is to be able to speak a little Japanese when we go.


Hello everyone,
I've been studying Japanese for about six months now (only four hours a week) so i know some basic grammar and quite a jumber of words. However, my conversation skills are still lacking so I hope to learn from you guys through having interactions with you.
Thanks alot.

Are the mp3 available? Sono

Are the mp3 available?
Sono disponibili gli mp3?

im's picture

Did you write down?

Did you write down all you learn from this website??I take three book.One is hiragana,one is katakana and one is kanji.

take note

im take some note to study..

debashish japanese fan

hello this is debashish i am learning japanese , but i need your support too. please help so that i can lern japanese .

anyways sionara . i know little bit of japanese .

still learning too


im still learning to..Eagerly to go japan right now.


mille grazie le vostre lezioni sono utilissime!!

hi from yemen

hi how are you l hope to have many japenes friend pleas countact me
mohmmed from yemen