Region 9: 四国 Shikoku

Shikoku literally means 'four countries.' There are (you guessed it) four prefectures in this region. Shikoku is an island by itself sandwiched between Honshu (the main island) and Kyushu.

徳島 Tokushima

This Prefecture's Symbol

徳島 - Tokushima

  • Prefecture's Bird: Snowy Heron
  • Prefecture's Tree: Moutain Peach
  • Prefecture's Flower: Citron's Flower

CAPITAL : Tokushima


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愛媛 Ehime

This Prefecture's Symbol

愛媛 - Ehime

  • Prefecture's Bird: Japanese Robin
  • Prefecture's Tree: Pine
  • Prefecture's Flower: Satsuma Mandarin

CAPITAL : Matsuyama

Has the 佐田岬半島 Sadamisaki Peninsula which is the largest peninsula in Japan.

愛媛 - Yahoo! Japan's Ehime Page
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