iPhone Application: JLPT N5 Vocabulary

Study for JLPT Level N5 Vocabulary on your iPhone / iTouch

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-=iPhone or iTouch for Beginners & Upper Beginners=-

This app covers all the vocabulary you will need to pass level N5, beginner level.

JLPT N5 Vocabulary

1400+ sound files! Over 700 words covered--each with its own example sentence. Most have helpful notes.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) 4 Vocabulary

While this was specifically designed to cover all the vocabulary needed to pass Level N5 (the easiest) of the JLPT, it is certainly suitable for any beginner / upper beginner wishing to boost his or her vocabulary skills.

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is the most popular standardized test for measuring Japanese language ability. It is held once a year (December) in most countries and twice a year in Asia.

The test currently has five levels:

* N5 - Beginner Level
* N4 - Upper Beginner
* N3 and N2 - Intermediate
* N1 - Advanced

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