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Use kotowaza--or Japanese proverbs-- to help give your Japanese just the right nuance. Knowledge of common provebs can greatly enhance your conversational skills.

This app contains 25 lessons covering 25 of the most useful proverbs often heard in Japanese.

Common Japanese Proverbs
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Japanese 101: Proverbs

While beginners can get a lot out of this app, knowing simple grammar and a basic vocabulary is recommended.

25 Highly Useful Kotowaza--Japanese Proverbs with Sound and detailed explanation

Proverbs are sometimes thought of as clichés—but with a poetic touch. Proverbs, however, are not meaningless, overused phrases. They often express in a pithy and precise way complex meanings that would otherwise require a great deal of explanation.

Japanese tend to use kotowaza often—more often than most English speakers. These 25 proverbs represent some of the more useful kotowaza heard in daily Japanese life.

You‟ll notice them in movies, in writing, and most importantly spoken by friends and colleagues. Knowing common kotowaza will not only he