Japanese Idiom あけすけに言う say something frankly; openly; without reserve


  • akesuke ni iu
  • say something frankly; openly; without reserve
  • This idiom is used when someone says something in a blunt manner.
  • "ake" means to begin or dawn; "suke" means to be transpar-ent. Another, and probably the original, usage of "akesuke" is to mean that a gap has opened up, and the other side is visible.
  • あの人は、なんでもあけすけにいう。
  • ano hito wa, nandemo akesuke ni iu.
  • That person always says things frankly.
  • あの ano -- that... [ano is always followed by the noun it points to: that person]
  • hito -- person
  • wa -- (topic particle) [note: this is written with the hiragana は ha, but is pronounced "wa"]
  • なんでも nandemo -- anything; everything
  • あけすけにいう akesuke ni iu -- to speak frankly [Literally, "frankly speaking"; あけすけ means "honest," "frankly," and "outspoken"; the に indicates the manner of how someone speaks (iu)]