Kanji: 学 gaku Learning

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JLPT N5: 58 / 100 | 8 Strokes

On: ガク
Kun: まな・ぶ

Meaning: learning; study

The bottom is a child ( 子 ) and think of the top as his brain waves learning

Stroke Order:

科学 ka gaku - science
中学校 chuu gakkou - middle school, JHS
数学 suu gaku - math; arithmetic

Example Sentence:
suugaku dekimasen.
I can't do math.

Kanji: 校 kou School

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JLPT N5: 59 / 100 | 10 Strokes

On: コウ

Meaning: school

Remember: many schools buildings are made of trees ( 木 )

Stroke Order:

学校 gakkou - school
高校 kou kou - senior high school
校内 kou nai - within the school, on school grounds

Example Sentence:
anata no gakkou wa doko desu ka?
Where is your school?

Kanji: 生 ikiru Live

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JLPT N5: 60 / 100 | 5 Strokes

On: セイ; ショウ
Kun: う・む; い・きる

Meaning: birth; life; to give birth; to live


Stroke Order:

学生 gaku sei - a student
一生 isshou - all life; a lifetime
人生 jin sei - life (human)
先生 sen sei - teacher; master; doctor...

Example Sentence:
sensei wa ano hito desu.