Katakana Page 02


So you survived the first part. Take a deep breath and jump on in!

In today's lesson, we will look at the K sounds.

- ka    - as in CAr
it looks like the hiragana ka (か), just remove the line.

- ki    - as in KEY
This also looks like a hiragana ki (き) without the base.

- ku    - as in COOl
It looks like guy giving a thumbs-up. That's COOl!

- ke    - as in Kay or CAke
It looks like someone's CApe

- ko    - COld  
It looks like a refrigerator door, that's COld!

Write them out 10 times a day and soon you will get it.  To aid memorization, make silly associations to go with them. You can use the above mnemonics or you can make your own!



Did you write the above katakana 10 times? Did you sound them out as well? Well, do it again! And then take the following test & Javascript quiz (see link below)...


How do you read these Katakana characters? What English words do they sound out?
キー ____________    This means ____________ [The ー means to make the previous sound longer (like the hiragana う often does)]
カウ ____________    This means ____________ [Think of an animal]
ケーキ _____________   This means _____________ [Something to eat]
コーク _____________    This means ______________ [Something to drink]