Sparrow's Song


The Sparrow's School
by Shimizu Katsura (清水かつら)

チイチイパッパ チイパッパ 
chii chii pappa chii pappa
Chii chii pappa chiipappa

suzume no gakkou no sensei wa
The teacher of the sparrow's school

むちをふりふり チイパッパ
muchi o furi furi chii pappa
swings about a whip

生徒の雀は 輪になって 
seito no suzume wa wa ni natte
The sparrow students make a circle

お口をそろえて チイパッパ
o kuchi o soroete chii pappa
All together they open their mouths with chiipappa

まだまだいけない チイパッパ 
madamada ikenai chii pappa
It's still no good

mo ichido isshou ni chii pappa
One more time all together now, chiipappa</