6. Question Words

By mastering these question words, your conversational skills will be much stronger!

いつ (itsu) - when

いつ きました か?

  • itsu kimashita ka?
  • When did you come? [literally "when came?" Notice the "you" is understood.]
どこ (doko) - where

どこ から きました か?

  • doko kara kimashita ka?
  • Where did you come from? [literally "where from came?"]
どうして (doushite) - why

どうして きました か?

  • doushite kimashita ka?
  • Why did you come? [literally "why came?"]
なぜ (naze) - why


  • naze?
  • Why? [used in the same way as doushite]
だれ (dare) - who

だれが きました か。

  • dare ga kimashita ka?
  • Who came?
何 (nani) - what

なに を 買いました か。

  • nani o kaimashita ka.
  • What did you buy?