Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Obaasan's House & Calpis

Prologue Japanese Reader


Frank awakes to find himself at the Obaasan's uchi (house)

Chapter Two: Dialog

Frank Dialog Japanese lesson graphic
Calpis or Cow piss?

[OBAASAN] だいじょうぶ です か?
daijoubu desu ka?
[FRANK] いいえ、だいじょうぶ じゃ ない。
iie, daijoubu ja nai

<Frank forgot her name>

なまえ  なん です か?
namae wa nan desu ka?

[OBAASAN] わたし  なまえ  おばあさん です。
watashi no namae wa obaasan desu.

あなた  フランクさん です ね。
anata wa furanku san desu ne.

[FRANK] はい。 わたし  フランク です。
hai. watashi wa furanku desu.
[OBAASAN] なにか のみます か?
nanika nomimasu ka?
[FRANK] はい。 のみます。
hai. nomimasu.
[OBAASAN] <Obaasan gives him a drink>

hai, douzo.
[FRANK] なん です か?
nan desu ka?
[OBAASAN] カルピス です。
karupisu desu. [spelled in katakana]
[FRANK] カルピス なん です か?
karupis wa nan desu ka?
[OBAASAN] カルピス  のみもの です。
karupisu wa nomimono desu.
[FRANK] そうか。



Obaasan - Are you alright?
Frank - No, I am not fine. What's your name?
Obaasan - My name is "obaasan." You are Mr. Frank, aren't you?
Frank - Yes, I am Frank
Obaasan - Will you drink something?
Frank - Yes, I will drink
Obaasan - Here you are.
Frank - What's this?
Obaasan - It's Calpis.
Frank - What is Cow Piss?
Obaasan - Calpis is a drink.
Frank - Ah!

Chapter Two: Vocabulary

Frank Dialog Japanese lesson graphic

Run through these a few times until you can recognize them in the dialog

じゃ ない。 ja nai - Not...; Negates whatever was before; Used at the end of sentences
なまえ namae - Name; sounds similar to the English 'name' (sort of!)
なん です か? nan desu ka - What is it? This is a very useful expression
なん nan - What? Another way to write NAN is NANI
なにか nanika - Something; Notice there is a relation to NAN (what); the KA adds the unknown (SOMEthing)
のみます nomimasu - To drink; it can also mean, "I will drink."
はい、どぞ。 hai, dozo - Here you are; another very useful phrase used when offering things to guests
カルピス karupisu - Calpis - Japanese drink made from milk and water; This is spelled with katakana. This is a strange name. It is spelled "Calpis" but pronounced more or less as "cow piss" - pardon the low educational value of this entry... The very first day I came to Japan, I met a foreigner at the airport and he told me of this drink. Our conversation went as follows: "You know there is a drink here called Calpis." I answered, "No... really?" "Yes, it is spelled C-A-L-P-I-S but it's Calpis!"
そうか。 souka - really, is that so? I see ; This is said to show that you are still interested in what the speaker has to say and you are not sleeping. It also has the feel you have learned something new.

Chapter Two: Explanation

Frank Dialog Japanese lesson graphic

Chapter Two: Quiz


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