Chapter Two: Vocabulary

Frank Dialog Japanese lesson graphic

Run through these a few times until you can recognize them in the dialog

じゃ ない。 ja nai - Not...; Negates whatever was before; Used at the end of sentences
なまえ namae - Name; sounds similar to the English 'name' (sort of!)
なん です か? nan desu ka - What is it? This is a very useful expression
なん nan - What? Another way to write NAN is NANI
なにか nanika - Something; Notice there is a relation to NAN (what); the KA adds the unknown (SOMEthing)
のみます nomimasu - To drink; it can also mean, "I will drink."
はい、どぞ。 hai, dozo - Here you are; another very useful phrase used when offering things to guests
カルピス karupisu - Calpis - Japanese drink made from milk