Chapter Three: Vocabulary



Run through these a few times until you can recognize them in the dialog

じゃあ、 jaa - Well then... Well...; Used to fill in spaces
いきましょう ikimashou - Let's go!
どこ? doko - Where
すし レストラン。 sushi resutoran - A sushi restaurant
すし sushi - sushi
wa - the overall topic particle\ Although it is written with the hiragana HA it is pronounced WA when used as a particle
nan - what | Do you remember "namae wa nan desu ka?" (what is your name) (Chapter 2)
darou - I wonder
まって! matte - wait!
それは sore wa - As for that... - just sore means 'that' the wa makes it the main topic of the sentence
これは kore wa - As for this... - same as above the kore means 'this'
yo - added to give weight to the truth of what was stated
nin gen - people, human : you don't have to know the word, but the kanji (your first kanji here!) is very useful. 人 - people
わたしも watashi mo -