2 kyuu Kanji with One Pronunciation Page 3

All the Kanji on the Level 2 Test with ONE reading: #3
NOTE: Actually, most of these kanji DO have more than one reading, however they are rarely used

The Kanji
Readings & Meanings Useful and/or interesting words
こう - lecture 講演 kou en - lecture
講師 kou shi - lecturer
講談 kou dan - story-telling
こう - assent, consent 首肯 shu kou - assent, consent
肯定的 kou tei teki - affirmative
こう - suburb 近郊 kin kou - suburbs, the outskirts
郊外 kou gai - suburbs, the outskirts
ごう - number, signal, sign 青信号 ao shin gou - a green (blue) signal light
暗号 an gou - code, password, cryptic message
記号 ki gou - symbol, mark, code
背番号 se ban gou - number on player's back
こん - marry, marriage 結婚 kekkon - marriage
新婚 shin kon - newly wed
婚約 kon yaku - engagement
- look into 検査 ken sa - inspection, examination
捜査 sou sa - search, investigation
探査機 tan sa ki - a probe (space)
さい - talent, age 天才 ten sai - genius, natural gift
才媛 sai en - a talented woman
ざい - timber, materials 教材 kyou zai - teaching materials
木材 moku zai - lumber, timber, wood
- bloom, come out (flowers), blossom 咲き誇る saki hokoru - to be in full bloom
咲く saku - to bloom
さく - yesterday, last... 昨日 saku jitsu - yesterday (note: this is also the kanji for kinou)
昨晩 saku ban - last night
さつ - inspect, guess 警察 kei satsu - police
観察 kan satsu - observation
さら - plate, dish 皿洗い機 sara arai ki -a dishwasher machine
sara - dish, plate
さん - to calculate 算数 san su - arithmetic
算盤 soroban - abacus (non-regular reading)
さん - approve, praise 賛否 san pi - for & against, yes and no
賛美歌 san bi ka - hymn, praise song
- history 史上 shi jyou - historical
史上最大 shi jyou sai dai - the greatest in history
- master, teacher 教師 kyou shi - an instructor, teacher
講師 kou shi - a lecturer
牧師 boku shi - a pastor, minister, clergyman
- resources 学資 gaku shi - school fund, money needed for school
資格 shi kaku - qualifications, requirements, capabilities
天然資源 ten nen shi gen - natural resources
- words 歌詞 ka shi - lyrics, words to a song
形容詞 kei you shi - adjective (grammar)
作詞 saku shi - write a song, song making
台詞 serifu - lines (of a play...), speech
- magazine 雑誌 zasshi - magazine
日誌 nisshi - diary
釣りバカ日誌 tsuri baka nisshi - 'the diary of a fishing fool' - a popular long running comedy movie series
しき - ceremony, style 結婚式 kekkon shiki - a wedding ceremony
最新式 sai shin shiki - the newest style
略式 ryaku shiki - informal, simplified
しき - know 知識 chi shiki - knowledge, information
識字率 shiki ji ritsu - literacy rate
じゅつ - an art 技術 gi jutsu - technology, a technique, skill
読唇術 doku shin jutsu - lip reading
忍術 nin jutsu - the art of the Ninja, stealth & combat
じゅん - order,a turn, obey 従順 juu jun - obedience
順調 jun chou - favorable, smoothness, smoothly
じゅん - standard, a rule, semi~ 水準