2 kyuu Kanji with One Pronunciation Page 7

All the Kanji on the Level 2 Test with ONE reading: #7
NOTE: Actually, most of these kanji DO have more than one reading, however they are rarely used

The Kanji
Reading & Meanings Useful and/or interesting words
りょう - treat 治療 chi ryou - medical treatment
医療 i ryou - medical care, medical
るい - a kind, a type 書類 sho rui - papers, documents
人類 jin rui - humanity, mankind
れい - command 制令 sei rei - regulations
年令 nen rei - age
命令 mei rei - command, order
れい - zero 零下 rei ka - below zero, sub-zero
零時 rei ji - midnight
れい - age 学齢 gaku rei - school age
年齢 nen rei - age
れき - personal history 学歴 gaku reki - school history, acedemic background
歴史家 reki shi ka - historian
れつ - row, a line 戦列 sen retsu - line of battle
列を作る retsu o tsukuru - make a line
最後列車 sai go ressha - last train
ろう - labor, effort 肉体疲労 niku tai hi rou - totally fatigued
勤労者 kin rou sha - worker