Japanese Beginner Phrases Podcast 7

Beginning Japanese Conversational Phrases #7: Continuing Hobbies

Today's podcast will review how to ask about hobbies and add a new grammatical pattern.

趣味は何ですか? shumi wa nan desu ka? What is your hobby?

趣味はカラオケです。 shumi wa karaoke desu. My hobby is karaoke.

You can drop the 趣味は and just say

カラオケです。 karaoke desu. It's karaoke.

趣味はスポーツです。 shumi wa supo-tsu desu. My hobby is sports.

趣味はコンピューターです。 shumi wa konpyu-ta- desu. My hobby is computers.

Let's make the answer a little more complicated by saying, "My hobby is watching movies."

"Watching movies" is