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Body Idioms Part V

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This literally means “Clear the inside of your hands.”


When you have a secret, it is a secret, so, you don’t want to tell that secret. But you might tell it to a person whom you really trust.  It is in this context we use “手の内を明かす.” It is like opening your hands to show someone something important.



shinhannin wa, dorama no kuraimakkusu de, satsujin keikaku no te no uchi o akashita.

The real culprit, at the climax of the drama, gave away his murderous scheme.


te no uchi o akaseba, kare mo rikai shite kureru hazu da.

If you tell him everything, he should also understand.






This literally means “stroke one’s chest from top down.”


I think when you have something heavy on your mind, your heart beats fast. And when the problem settles, you feel relieved. You may put your hand on your chest where your heart is and take a deep breath thinking “よかった!” In such a case, you say 「胸をなでおろす」 



yatto no koto de densha ni ma ni atta watashi wa, mune o nade oroshita.

I was so relieved to finally make it in time for the train.



taishita jiko mo naku, minna, mune o nade oroshita ni chigainai.

Everybody must have been relieved that it wasn't a big accident.

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