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Body Idioms Part VI

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This literally means “Even if stuck in my eye, it won't hurt.”


When you put something in your eye, it hurts--bad. But if something is cute enough, you wouldn't mind even putting it in your eye to get a closer look.


kare wa, me ni iretemo itakunai hodo magomusume o kawaigatteiru.

He spoils his granddaughter as if she is the center of the world. 


kanojo wa, sono neko o, me no naka ni iretemo itakunai hodo no aijou de sodatetekita.

She’s brought up that cat with love as if it was the apple of her eye.






This literally means “turn one’s eyes into plates.


I think when you look at something carefully, you furrow your brow and your eyes look narrow like plates. In such a situation, you can say “目を皿にする” or “ 目を皿のようにする.”


The "no you" adds a "seems like" or "almost as if" meaning.



me o sara no you ni shite sagashita ga, wo-ri- o mitsukerarenakatta.

I looked for Wally with my eyes wide open, but I couldn’t find him.


目を皿にして見てみたら、キリンビールの缶の麒麟の絵の中には、「キリン」 の文字が隠されていることがわかった。

me o sara ni shite mite mitara, kirin bi-ru no kan no kirin no e no naka ni wa, "kirin" no moji ga kakusareteiru koto ga wakatta.

I opened my eyes wide and looked at it, and I found that the letters ” キリン “ are hidden in the picture of the kylin* on a can of Kirin beer.


* kylin (noun) a mythical composite animal, often figured on Chinese and Japanese ceramics.

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