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Body Language in Japanese


If you read manga, you will certainly see these and other body language poses.

NAME - Unknown
ACTION - Point to your nose

Most Westerners point to their heart, but in Japan, the Japanese point to their noses. 

NAME - アッカンベー
MEANING - "I won't do as you say" or "Poo poo on you"
ACTION - Pull down one lower eyelid while sticking out your tongue

Needless to say, this isn't the nicest thing you can do to someone.  But it comes in handy if you are slightly angry with someone.  Usually children do this and then run.

NAME - Unknown
MEANING - embarrassed, or when wanting to appear humble when being honored
ACTION - Place your hand behind your head

If you are crowded by people giving you praise for something you have done, this is the proper pose to take.

NAME - Unknown
ACTION - Make an OK sign but show your palm

If someone asks why you haven't gone to Japan yet, or why you don't have a big screen TV just make this sign.