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Pink Lady

ピンクレデイ pinku redi (Pink Lady)

- A 1970's disco-dancing duo. These two ladies were extremely popular back in the day. They can perhaps be compared to their contemporaries in America "The Village People." I think you understand. ANYWAY, even kids know at least one song from Pink Lady's illustrious career. That is "UFO" - pronounced like the two English words, "You Foe" (yu- fo). The song explains how a young woman is tired of earth men and wants to date aliens. The song shows up on Japanese TV commercials and programs ever so often. So it is NOT going away. Learn this ever so useful cultural jaw-dropping word. I have yet to meet a Japanese who has not been surprised that I knew about Pink Lady.
(BTW be careful on pronunciation - Pink - pinKU ** Lady - Redi and the above mentioned UFO)

pinku redi ga suki desu ka?
Do you like Pink Lady?

pinku - pink (color)
redi - (English- sort of) lady
ga - subject marker
suki - to like
desu - ending verb - functioning like 'to be'
ka - "?" makes a question. (with out the 'ka' the meaning would be, "I like Pink Lady."

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