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Famous Lines in Japanese

Let's look at some famous phrases in Japanese!


1) 鳥だ! tori da! - It's a bird!
飛行機だ! hikouki da! - It's a plane!
スーパーマンだ! su-pa-man da! - It's SUPERMAN!


鳥 tori - "a Bird"
だ da - informal form of desu
飛行機 hikouki - "an Airplane"
スーパーマン su-pa-man - "Superman" == Written in Katakana (because it is a foreign word)


2) 来た、見た、勝った。 kita, mita, katta - "I came, I saw, I conquered!" - Caesar's Famous Line


来た kita - "came" == simple past of 'KURU' - to come
見た mita - "saw" == simple past of 'MIRU' - to see
勝った katta - "won" == simple past of 'KATSU' - to win


3) 昔々あるところに mukashi mukashi, aru tokoro ni ... - like the English, "Once upon a time..." an opener for fairy tales and other stories


昔 mukashi - "long ago" "old days"... == The '々' symbol means X2 so "MUKASHI" X2 - "A long, long time ago"
ある aru - "a" "some" "a certain"... == other 'ARU' uses include, "ARU HI" -'One Day' & "ARU TOKI" - 'Once'...
ところ tokoro - "a place"
に ni - "in" TO TRANSLATE: "A long, long time ago, in a certain place... (there lived an old man...)"


1) 無限の彼方まで! mugen no kanata made - Buzz Lightyear's famous line in Toy Story, "To Infinity and Beyond!"


無限 mugen - "infinite"
の no -"'s" possessive
彼方 kanata - "yonder" "far away"
まで made - "until" "to" "as far as"

*** A direct (and clumsy) translation of the Japanese perhaps would be: "Until the infinity's beyond!"

until next time...

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this is the best website for learning japanese so far. it's makes it easy so that we keep moving on ...haha...totemo useful! whoever are working on it, my most sincere and humble thanks goes to you! tashi delek!

Pray 4 Peace!

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Much appreciated!

Much appreciated!

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