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岡山 Okayama

This Prefecture's Symbol

岡山 - Okayama

  • Prefecture's Bird: Pheasant
  • Prefecture's Tree: Japanese Red Pine
  • Prefecture's Flower: Peach Flower

CAPITAL : Okayama

Okayama's Mark is the 'OKA - 岡 ' in Okayama made circular.

I spent a full day exploring Okayama City. Many of the cultural sites to see are all in close proximity and this 'Culture Zone' is only about 15 minutes or so by foot from the main station! I didn't use the taxi once! However, that evening my dogs were barking! or as they say in Japanese 'ashi wa bou ni natchatta. (my legs have become sticks.)'


When arriving at Okayama City's station, go by the information desk and ask for a sightseeing map. " okayama no chizu o kudasai (Please give me a map of Okayama.)" They have a culture brochure with a short English description of the important sites.

  • One of the more interesting sites in Okayama is the Kourakuen Garden 後楽園 . There are three very famous gardens in Japan. 1) 兼六園 kenrokuen (in 石川 Ishikawa Prefecture) 2) 偕楽園 kairakuen (in 茨城 Ibaraki Prefecture) and the third being Kourakuen in Okayama.

Admission: Adults 350 ; Children 140 Yen (as of year 2000)
No holidays; open all year

  • Okayama Castle - 岡山城 okayamajyou - Very nice. The original was destroyed during the war, but this is a faithful reproduction. Great for a history buff. I ate at the Udon restaurant in the castle, but it wasn't so oishi.

Admission: Adults 300 ; Children 120 Yen (as of year 2000)
Holidays: Dec. 28-31

  • Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art - 岡山県立美術館 okayama kenritsu bijutsukan - Mostly a collection of artists from Okayama.

Admission: Adults 300 ; Children 100 Yen (as of year 2000)
Holidays: Mondays, Dec. 28 - Jan. 4

  • Okayama Orient Museum - 岡山市立オリエント美術館 okayama shiritsu oriento bijutsukan - VERY NICE! If you are interested in ancient art and archaeology, this is a must see!

Admission: Adults 300 ; Students 150 Children 70 Yen (as of year 2000)
Holidays: Mondays, Dec. 28 - Jan. 4

  • The famous Japanese traditional story Momotaro (Peach Boy) is said to have taken place in Okayama.

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