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福井 Fukui

This Prefecture's Symbol

福井 - Fukui

  • Prefecture's Bird: Thrush
  • Prefecture's Tree: Pine Tree
  • Prefecture's Flower: Daffodil


The capital city, Fukui City, is the largest city in Fukui with a population of about 270,000.

Originally the area was known as 越前 Echizen before becoming Fukui in 1871. You can still see the influence of the name in Echizen crab or Echizen pottery.

And, this was news to me, but it looks like 武生 Takefu merged with 今立 Imadate to become 越前市 Echizen City in October 1, 2005.

Fukui is famous for its 和紙 washi paper and pottery.

A 公園 koen park near my old apartment

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